Testing Results

The lighthouse tool gives developers a roadmap to be successful when it comes to performance.

Use the down arrow for a breif description of what each area of the test means

Performance Score

Consists of 5 weighted metrics:

Time to Interactive (weight: 5)
Speed Index (weight: 4)
First Contentful Paint (weight: 3)
First CPU Idle (weight: 2)
First Meaningful Paint (weight: 1)

Lighthouse returns a Performance score between 0 and 100. 100 is the best possible score and represents the 98th percentile, a top-performing site. A score of 50 represents the 75th percentile.

Accessibility Score

The Accessibility score is a weighted average of all the accessibility audits. These audits include: accesskeys, aria-allowed-attr, aria-required-attr, aria-required-children, aria-required-parent, aria-roles, aria-valid-attr-value, aria-valid-attr, audio-caption, button-name, bypass, color-contrast, definition-list, dlitem, document-title, duplicate-id, frame-title, html-has-lang, html-lang-valid, image-alt, input-image-alt, label, layout-table, link-name, list, listitem, meta-refresh, meta-viewport, object-alt, tabindex, td-headers-attr, th-has-data-cells, valid-lang, video-caption, video-description.

Best Practices

Lighthouse returns a Best Practices score between 0 and 100. The Best Practices audits are equally weighted and includes audits: appcache-manifest, no-websql, is-on-https, uses-http2, uses-passive-event-listeners, no-mutation-events, no-document-write, external-anchors-use-rel-noopener, geolocation-on-start, no-vulnerable-libraries, notification-on-start, deprecations, manifest-short-name-length, password-inputs-can-be-pasted-into, errors-in-console, image-aspect-ratio.


The SEO audit is a great general overview, it includes audits such as: Descriptive anchor text, Titles, Description, If the page can be crawled by Google, HTTP status code, Valid hreflang and rel=canonical tags, UX — legible font sizes, plugins.

The Progressive Web App score

The PWA audits are based on the Baseline PWA Checklist, which lists 14 requirements. Lighthouse has automated audits for 11 of the 14 requirements. The remaining 3 can only be tested manually. Each of the 11 automated PWA audits are weighted equally, so each one contributes approximately 9 points to your PWA score.